The Book of Legends: mysterious forest

As a “Special event” of “Eurasia” film festival the first Kazakh fantasy film “the Book of Legends: mysterious forest” by Akhat Ibrayev will be shown in “Almaty Towers” cinema, on September 18, 2012 at 20.00. The young director is inspired with not Hollywood films like “Chronicles of Narnia” and Lord of the Rings”, but he set a task to create the first Kazakh film 2/3 of which is the computer graphics. The principal characters of the film are Baha and Taha who are reading the Kazakh fairy tale about the Turkic amazons. Becoming so much absorbed with the tale they decide to escape from home into the Dark Forest and find the Alive Rock in order to get their mother back.

Akhat Ibrayev

Akhat Ibrayev is only 26 years old; nevertheless the Kazakhstan journalists have called him “Columbus of Kazakh cinema” not just because of his major “Direction of commercial films” in Columbia College of Chicago University, but mainly because he is not scared to be the pioneer in this field. Two years ago he came to “Kazakhfilm” studio and started working as a second-unit director for “Tale about the pink rabbit” film in order to meet new people. Then he gathered a team of fellow-thinkers and he made a film “the Book of Legends: mysterious forest”.