Princess’s War

Russia, 2013, 90 min.

In the early 1990s the small town Rosrentgen near Moscow is divided by two teenage gangs: the local gang, the “rentgens” and the settlers, mainly refugees from the Caucasus, called “abreks”. The Russian girl with the nickname Princess and the Armenian lad Karen fall in love with each other. Now they must defend their love with weapons in hand, against enmity and cruelty reigning around them.

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Production: BFI,
Vladimir Alenikov Productions
Languages: Russian
Format: Blu-Ray

Film crew

  • Scriptwriters: Vladimir Alenikov, Denis Rodimin
  • Director: Vladimir Alenikov
  • DoP: Maxim Osadchy
  • Production Design: Fedor Saveliev
  • Composer: Irena Skalerika
  • Producer: Vladimir Alenikov
  • Cast: Yekaterina Cherepukhina, Aram Gevorkyan, Lyanka Gryu, Gliukoza, Arthur Smolyaninov

Vladimir Alenikov

Born in 1948 in Leningrad. Director, writer, scriptwriter, producer. Graduated from the Higher Courses of Foreign Languages (1967), from the directors’ faculty of the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema (1972), the studio of the playwrights Arbuzov and Aleshin (1975). Headed a theatre studio. Created the amateur film studio Litfilm (1973). Worked as author and director on a film show “Yeralash”. He made a number of television films. After shooting the musical “The Carter and the King” was invited to Hollywood where has made “Time of Darkness” (in Russian distribution “Feofaniya, who draws death”). Works in Russia and in the USA. His thriller “The Pistol (from 6pm till 7.30pm)” has received a number of prestigious prizes, including representing the USA in the competition of Montreal IFF in 2003.


  • 2013 Princess’s War
  • 2011 Flight of the Butterfly (short)
  • 2008 Smile of God, or a Pure Odessa Story
  • 2003 The Pistol
  • 1998 Love of the Great (serial)
  • 1997 Rescue a Man
  • 1996 Five Evenings with Oleg Tabakov (TV)
  • 1996 World of Art (TV)
  • 1996 Kings of the Russian Investigation (serial)
  • 1991 Feofaniya, who draws death