In search of a genre


Kazakhstan, 2013, 90 min.

Into Kairat’s monotonous life suddenly comes passionate love – for Saniya. Blinded by this love he does not notice how he distances himself from close people. Gulzira, both mother and producer, and his childhood friend Renat try to pull Kairat away from Saniya’s cynical and perfidious claws. But with his reason obscured by love, Kairat is driven to a precipice. Gulzira’s attempts to teach her son end in scandal and Kairat’s departure as he does not wish to see his own recklessness. What price will he have to pay for his love?

The Teacher

Kazakhstan, 2013, 90 min.

This is a witty and light-hearted youth story about the life of students of a prestigious high school. The protagonist Arman falls in love with Kamila and, to gain her attention, he pretends to be a university teacher. The situation gets complicated when the real teacher arrives. Caught up in an adventure, Arman is on the verge of exposure every minute. Will the protagonist be able to win the heart of his beloved?


Kazakhstan, 2013, 70 min.

Four students are on their way back from a party when they hit a young woman. Scared of the responsibility, they dump her body out of town. Soon they start to die strange deaths, having received a message from a certain Marjan Kereeva. In the city there are rumours about a maniac. The young, arrogant journalist of the criminal chronicle Janar conducts her own investigation of the mysterious circumstances. She finds out that Marjan Kereeva is the woman hit by the car. She finds her house and a little boy close to death. Janar understands what Marjan tried to tell her murderers.

Forbidden Dances

Kazakhstan, 2013, 100 min.

Dance in the name of love! In everyday life they are waiters, cooks, students, but music transforms them into dancing heroes. Through treachery and against the law they collide in a decisive battle for the right to be called the best dancing team of the city N!